About Us

Who we Are

WatchWelfare is a independent watch retailer, founded in 2004 by Peter Dawson, that distributes watches online through the use of social media to build a following that is as interested as them in all manners of watches. Starting your own business and making a name for yourself is very difficult, most certainly online where you can either start a long-term social proof building campaign or use paid advertisements. We want to try to be one of the best online exotic luxury watch retailer on the internet so we can engrave our own mark of the digital world. Everyday we try to improve this mark from our center office in London, UK which facilitates our main workforce. 

Our Goals

As of present we are interested in bringing more awareness about our website to potential customers, hence our interest in finding affiliates.  We want our following to be content and satisfied with the watch that they ordered and ensure this process will go flawlessly & without problems. Our main goal is to grow as big as possible whilst simultaneously keeping our customers as happy as possible. We personally strife for a better economic world where  

Our Promise to You

We promise a comfortable and exotic watch for our customers for everyday use with the best of scientific methodology. Our policies ensure for a 100% refund of your money in case of mechanical failure and or issue with the watch ordered. 

Our Story

When first starting out to build an online retailing you are bound to encounter a few hiccups in the road towards succes. Nevertheless our British founder started out and began trying to build what would later be known as the WatchWelfare brand with the idea of retailing exotic jewelry and watches. Throughout this period the popularity of WatchWelfare grew and grew to what it has become today where we are still fighting our competitors and are succeding.